Lots of news: new music, new films... new life?

First thing that's obviously new: this website design. Even after I post this blog, I'll keep tweaking and stripping this site down to the essentials and to make room for new things.

Why? Well, first, there are new music collabs…

New look, new direction...

Who knew it would take an entire afternoon to update a website???

I've redesigned this website because it was well overdue, and well... I'm starting to move into a different direction. I still have some songs that I'd like to…


New music with Lennie Moreno: final song

The last of 3 song that I co-wrote with Lennie Moreno went live this week. The lyric video is below, and you can check out the song using the links below the video. Enjoy! (P.S. The 2nd song "Burn with…


New music with Lennie Moreno! Song 1 out of 3

Lennie and I started writing together again since the beginning of 2018, and the first song was released earlier this week! It's for a charitable cause called #cleanoutyourcloset and proceeds from the song's sales will go to a local charity…


On The Story Collider's Podcast today (23-Feb-2018)

I wondered for a while whether I would finally break down the wall between my science life (under my real name) and my music life (under my stage name). In truth, it's not too hard to find out my real…


WiFi PR Group's Artist Spotlight

From WiFi PR Group, 2015:

Artist Spotlight: Lady Ginseng Grounds Her Wide-ranging Music With an Essence of Soul

As ginseng is believed to provide a healthful energy boost, so too does Lady Ginseng’s soulful music deliver an energy boost to…

Featured Artist on BoomboxFM this week (May 25)!!

As I was hunkering down to get inspired to write for new projects today, I got some awesome news:

BoomboxFM has made me the Featured Artist for this week (May 25)!!

Check it out below, please spread the word, and…

"Immortal" made the Top20 of November 2014

Thank you to everyone who voted when "Immortal" debuted on Women of Substance Radio last month! Your votes placed it into the Top20 for November 2014!!!
You can check out the full Top20 playlist here for the rest of the…