The EP "Piece of My Mind" is now available online!

Hooray! You can now hear full-length previews of all the songs and see lyrics/credits on Bandcamp!
They're also available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify.
Real CDs will be available on Bandcamp and in person at some point in…Read more

Immortal music video credits

Director: Jonah Salander
Writer: Erin McHugh
Director of Photography/Editor: Peter Pavlakis

Music Composer: Jean Mary Zarate
Music Producer: Ghislain Brind'Amour

Randy Gonzales
Diana Cordoba
Celeste DeCamps
Kim Leiken
Paula Andrea Romero
Anne Ryan

Makeup Artist: Vanessa Pichardo
Makeup Assistant…Read more

Upcoming events!

Hey everyone,

It's been a really busy year: lots of changes, trips, and big projects to work on. And lots of stories to tell about these projects...some of which might have already been told in some videos on YouTube *coughs*…Read more