So there comes a moment you never expect...or two...

You hear some familiar music playing in someone's office and think to yourself, "I know that song, how does it go?" And then it slowly dawns on you that it's your music -- you wrote the lyrics.

It's even stranger when people in the office are told that you are the singer/songwriter, and you hear them say, "That doesn't sound like it would come from her AT ALL."

About a week later, you hear familiar music and once again, you don't recognize it as your own -- and then you start to realize that you don't recognize your own singing voice, so maybe what you've heard said about you rings a bit true.

But it's all cool, you acknowledge it with a smirk because you can be comfortable with making good music that people won't recognize as your own -- because maybe that's a good secret to whip out and surprise people with once in a while. :)