Lots of news: new music, new films... new life?

First thing that's obviously new: this website design. Even after I post this blog, I'll keep tweaking and stripping this site down to the essentials and to make room for new things.

Why? Well, first, there are new music collabs coming. One is with Lennie Moreno, now known as Lennie, someone I've written and sung hooks, choruses, verses, etc. with for too many years to count. Our song is part of Lennie's double-album that drops in a few days (expected mid-April 2022).

Next, I'm working on remote music production projects. Yup, you read that correctly. I'm producing some songs in drastically different genres.

And... I'm slowly writing a full-length album. I might have said that my EP was personal, but this album will be even more so because my life has changed so drastically during this pandemic, and not necessarily because of COVID. Lots of personal deaths, health issues, and now I have a different outlook on my life... past, present, and future. And the songs and sounds of the album will share this with you.

Oh, I guess I mentioned films. After many years of studying acting, I've finally started to put myself out there for auditions, and I've booked some roles (under my real name).

As soon as each of these projects are released, I will share them! Follow along on my Instagram to see stories and posts about each of these projects (and more) as they happen!