CONFESSIONAL: A nostalgic break

Since my acting group just wrapped its production -- coincidentally Debunk has taken a break for a few weeks -- I find myself in a bit of a creative lull for the first time in a long time. Of course, I will fix this quickly by making moves toward releasing the next single from the EP... because I can't seem to keep still. ;)

When I posted something on Facebook to give a hint about the style of my next single from the EP -- a song I did with Killawatt -- I realized that I missed working with Killawatt and L Moreno. After all this time, I'm still proud of our music -- I think they still sound great, and these were pretty fun times!

So tonight, I found myself playing these songs in the background as I worked -- and smiling. And it's making me yearn for more original collaborations again...

If you want to check out some of the songs, here they are:

Killawatt (reggae/hip-hop/r&b):

L Moreno (pop/hip-hop/electronica):